Community and Moderation

Nettrix currently offers user generated content (UGC) moderation and brand protection services around the clock.

Any platforms or media possible. We regularly monitor and moderate user generated content on all social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Vine), news media, advertising campaigns and forums. Our online moderators judge competitions, triage live Twitter feeds, moderate audio, video, text and images. We use technology and tools to help us, but our moderators are all highly trained humans, with a comprehensive understanding of the projects they are working on.

Brand protection. Brands are engaging with their consumers across social networks, micro-sites, live chat pages, outdoor billboards, blogs, forums and more. Engagement is great but all user created content – whether text, audio, images or video – carries a potential risk to the brand it is associated with. It could contain:

Defamatory or libellous material
Breach of copyright
Obscene content or abusive or intimidating comments
Comments of an offensive nature (racist, prejudice etc)
Child abuse or safety issues
Spam, or off-topic comments

Our highly trained, dedicated teams of moderators are there 24/7 to offer brand protection and give your online audience a better experience, free from spam or unsuitable user generated content. We work with you to escalate issues either to your internal divisions (PR or customer service for example) or to the appropriate legal authorities.

Nettrix pre, post, or reactively moderates user generated content. Online moderating isn’t all about deleting swear words either (although we do a lot of that!). We strive to improve the experience for the users: guiding and encouraging them to participate, warning to follow community guidelines and helping contributors to revise postings where appropriate. We’ll monitor your communities and feed back any issues.

We are completely platform neutral and we will work with whatever content our clients provide to be moderated. That being said, there are some platforms and filters we can recommend and have helped to develop, so we know they’re good! We’ll give the benefit of our expertise, moderator feedback on your chosen solution, and help you with any technical issues as far as we can. While filters, including intelligent filters, are very important to help us do our jobs, they will never take the place of human eyes and experience.

For more info or if you would like to speak to us regarding this service please email us HERE.